12/28 - New Article interviewing Brian May - Link to Brian May Interview - Loving what Brian May said and hope there is a possibility of a 2012 Collaboration for some big event!

Adam stole the show. In fact he was the Show. We already now from GlamNation that Adam owns any stage and The EMA's performance with Queen was no exception!! I Will Let His Performance Speak For Itself!!!

NEW!!  Queen’s Roger Taylor Talks ‘Extravaganza’

and Future Plans

The part of the article that WOW'd me and I know all Adam Fans is as follows:

"Wrapping up, what are the thoughts about any potential Queen shows in the future?

Well actually, we did a thing for MTV Europe – the VMA Awards, about two weeks ago. We did three or four songs at the end of the show with Adam Lambert, who has really matured and has become an incredible performer. I think Brian and I will very possibly be doing something with Adam, because he’s really great. His range is unequaled, I think, and his stage presence is really quite something these days. He’s a phenomenal performer and it went very well, so that was very interesting, actually. We would hope to be doing something with Adam at some point."

Link To Full Article At Ultimate Classic Rock:



  Sonisphere TV - EMAs Director's Cut - Queen + Adam Lambert Medley on MUZU.TV.

New MTV Director's Cut of ADAM LAMBERT & Queen perfoming at the 2011 EMAs (European Music Awards) on Nov 6, 2011 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with new camera angles, no watermarks, and improved audio! DL courtesy of @terra_zephead (Terra テラ).
Invited by Queen to sing with them at the Europe Music Awards (EMAs), Adam performs a spectacular rendition of a medley of Queen songs. The final act of the evening's broadcasted performances played to a live audience of 8,000 (with millions more behind the television), he captivates the audience with his usual touch of theatrical flair and brilliant vocals.

1.The Show Must Go On
2.We Will Rock You
3.We Are the Champions

MTV Video of Adam's Queen Performance In Full

 Link To MTV Most Viewed Performance - Adam's Queen

Performance Now #3 11/26/11

(Give It A Lot Of Hits)

Inteview With Roger Taylor, Brian May and Adam!

OMG!! So Out Of This World

Oshi Posted The Following In The "Hot List" and I Hope She Doesn't Mind That I Also Posted It Here Too As It Is so Moving and brilliant!!  I Know It Will Bring A Smile To Each and Every Adam Fan That Reads It!!!



"I'm old enough and lucky enough to have seen Queen in concert several times. My favorite band growing up. I'd heard about this guy Adam Lambert a little but didn't know much about him. When I heard he was going to sing with my favorite band, I thought it would be a disaster. Some kid who was trying to be another Freddie. But, I had to watch, it way my band.. They were great. But, I have to say, that kid was phenomenal. He knocked me off my self righteous pedestal He's not Freddie but I don't think he was trying to be. He has his own style and a voice like I've never heard before. Not Freddie, but just as good. I looked him up online and saw some of his other performances. He's really got talent. You can bet I'll be following his career from now on."






We Just learned This From an interview with
The Daily Star Sunday (UK)


Another Adam Interview At The EMAs

The Real Paula Abdul
The . performance w/ on the WAS &i'm SO proud! Queen is 1 of the greatest rock bands ever-


Irish Times November 11, 2011 by John Kearns: Link To John Kearn's Article This is the beast article about Adam I have ever read. A must read!!!

PopStar: 'Adam Lambert Lends Voice to Queen for MTV Europe Music Awards Performance' - http://www.popstar.com/News/Music/Article/182


Flecking Records: 'Wow! Adam Lambert rocks the EMAs with Queen!' - http://www.fleckingrecords.co.uk/2011/11/wow-adam-lambert-rocks-the...


Associated Content From Yahoo - Kerry Kolsch: 'ADAM LAMBERT SINGS with QUEEN at the EUROPEAN MUSIC AWARDS' - http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/9122317/adam_lambert_sings...


Huffington Post: 'MTV EMA Awards: Queen Presented With Global Icon Award, Welcome American Idol Winner Adam Lambert For Final Medley'


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I have no words. This whole event was just mind-blowing.

Jacki, Adam just blew me away. I just woke and made a B-line to the video to make sure I had not dreamed that he performed with Queen. I am so happy I took the day off from work. I just would never have made it in!!! Need one more day to come down from Planet Fierce!!! Adam was absolute perfection. Now on to view for the 100th time, but the first one today, the Performance of a life time!!!

Last night was history in the making...Adam owned that stage like no other, He was gorgeous, confidant, happy & In top form...Yet he stayed humble by not wanting the spotlight on him but on Queen...I have no doubt in my mind that Adam's fan base is going to skyrocket...Freddie was smiling down upon our BB last night...No other artist could have made Brian, Roger & Freddie proud the way Adam did

LOL GLad to hear it. I was getting tired of all those self-appointed arm-chair Adam stylists banging on about what he was wearing. I LOVED THOSE SHOES.


BTW Now that I can actually think again I've written a bit about the performance at our site if you're interested in checking it out. A review - sorta. More of a gush really but wateva!! :)


Loved reading this comment from a Queen fan on Queen's official site regarding Adam's performance with Queen at the EMA's

I've been a Queen fan for the majority of my life! I have never heard this Adam lambert sing before until last night! What I heard was a phenominal vocalist just like the one I loved, Freddie Mercury! Adam gave him an amazing tribute, he didn't try to kareoke Freddie, he gave the songs his own brand honoring the amazing music of Queen! I have to say I was blown away from what I heard, being a life fan of Queen I have to question those who say gthey are then proceed to hate on this amazing singer! That isn't what Queen'sa music taught us! Congrats Adam lambert on a job well done! I will be checking out this guy from now on! And Congrats Queen, an honor well deserved! Rock ON!!!!

Jacki, What a great writeup. I am at work and was just going to glance, but couldn't stop reading. You made me feel all the emotions I felt when first watching Adam's Queen performance on the live stream and then TV!! I can't stop watching the video. I was on the subway going to work today and I had a grin on my face from ear to ear watching the performance on my iphone.  I am sure people thought I must be on something. Thanks for sharing what you wrote. We all can so relate!! By the way I love the "Adam Down Under" site. I am going to check whether we have it linked at our site. If we don't, will link it!!!

Debbielynn, Loved reading what that Queen Fan said about Adam!!

Barbls, thank you so much for providing all this historical information on Adam and Queen, like everyone else I to was mesmerized by this epic performance, still in trance lol.  

that's why my twitter name is "RockgodAdam" I knew the second he opened his mouth he's going to become an Iconic figure in Music history !!!

You know I was not happy with Adam's hair. thought it was too severe,  but after looking at these pictures. I love his entire look, hair and all. He looks rocker gorgeous!!! So absolutely gorgeous!!

LOL yeah I'm not thrilled with his current style but it really REALLY suited that performance!! I never worry about his hair tho - he changes it so often and it grows so fast - he just plays with styles - lucky dude

I received this link from a friend thought you'd all enjoy it...It's all pictures of Adam from the AMA'S to the music of FYE...Not only can we see his gorgeousness we can listen to his mesmerizing voice ...I'd love to see a little bit more of his sexy hairstyle down over his forehead..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghVKdYZ8-G8


debbielynn, Thank you so much for the video. I so enjoyed looking at all the photos of Adam at the EMAs, and listening to FYE at the same time was glorious!!

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