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WQAL (Cleveland, OH) Q104*


Mix94.1 (Las Vegas, NV)



Pop/Top 40

13. Q102 Philly -Philadelphia, PA

2. 98.5 krz - Wilkes Barre, PA

3. WKSE (Buffalo, NY) Kiss 98.5


1. 1031 KCDA - Spokane, Washington


2. Planet 96.7 - Burlington, VT

3. Mix 93.3 - Kansas City, KS


4. 92.1 The Beat - Tulsa, Oklahoma


5. WWFS (New York, NY) Fresh 102.7


6. 97.3 KISSFM - Savanah, GA


7. Fly 92.3 - Albany, NY


8. Now105 - Hampton Road, VA


9. FM97 WLAN - Lancaster, PA


10. Channel 999 - Dayton, Ohio


11. 104.7 WNOK - Columbia, SC


12. My 99.5 - Salt Lake City, Utah


13. 99.3 KISS FM - Harrisburg, PA


14. B104 - Whitehall, PA - B in Control - Instant Request -


15. 1013 The Jockey - Sarasota, Fla


16. Hot107.9 Syracuse, NY


17. 93.1 The Party - Las Vegas, NV


18. Q94, Richmond, VA -


19. 102.9 NOW - Dallas/Ft. Worth


20. 107.5 - Nashville, TN


21. MIX93.1 - Western, MA


22, 98.1 WKDD - Akron, Ohio
23. Hot101.5 - Tampa Bay, FL
24. Mix1061 - Philadelphia, PA
25. 100.7 WHUD - Westchester, NY



Hot107 - Edmonton AB Canada



947 - Johannesburg , S.A




* When Adam Lambert - Ghost Town is on List VOTE

3. SiriousXM Hits1 -'Vote For Your Top Songs Now':


1. Q102 Philly -

2. B104 Whitehall, PA - B in Control - Instant Request -

3. G105 Raliegh, NC - B in Control - Instant Request -

4.  1031 KCDA Spokane, Washington -

5. Z104.3 Baltimore, MD -

6. Z100 Portland -

5. 99.3 Harrisburg, PA -

6. Fly 92.3 Albany, NY -

7. K104.7 Beacon, NY

8. 100.3kissfm High Point, NC  -

9. Hot107.9 Syracuse, NY -

10.  Mix106.1 Philadelphia, PA -

11. 107.5 Nashville, TN -

12. Mix93.3, Kansas City, MO -

13. Channel 999, Dayton, OH -

14. 102.9 NOW. Dallas/Ft. Worth -

15. Star92.9, Burlington, VT -

16, FM97WLA, Lancaster, PA -

17.  96.5 KISS FM, Cleveland, Ohio -

18. 92.1, Tulsa, Oklahoma -

19. HOT 99.5, DC / MD / VA -

20. 97.3, Savannah, GA -

21. KEE 100, Huntington, WV,

22. Q94, Richmond, VA -

23. My 99.5, Salt Lake City, UT -

24. 96.1, Hudson Valley, NY -

25. Z107FM - Portsmouth, NH -

26. 93.1 The Party - Las Vegas, NV -

( )

27. Mix 93-1 - Western, MA -


28. My 102.7 - Treasure Valley, Idaho ~

a. Type "Ghost Town"' or "Adam" in Request a Song

b. Thumbs Up GHOST TOWN

c. Click Alert and select one or all 3 offered: SMS/E-mail/Twitter and put in your info. Also select how many times you want to be alerted when GT is played. I chose "Every Time when available to select. Most Either 1 or 3 Times!


Social Songs: Week 10 - -

Thumbs up GHOST TOWN
Thumb down anything above it


MIX94.1 - Top Five Most Requested* -


MEDIABASE FORMS (Biggest Top 40 stations) ~ Only need to enter:  name (first name is good enough) and code

KHKS-FM - 106.1 Kiss FM – Dallas-Forth Worth ~

WXKS-FM - kiss108fm - Boston, MA









What do you think of "Ghost Town" by Adam Lambert? -


CHUM-FM - Toronto, Canada ~


1. 947 Johannesburg, SA ~  Instant Request:

1. Type "Ghost Town"' or "Adam" in Request a Song

2. Thumbs Up GHOST TOWN

3. Click Alert and select one or all 3 offered: SMS/E-mail/Twitter and put in your info. Also select how many times you want to be alerted when GT is played. Option 1 or 3 Times!


Mad Radio 106.2 (Greece) -Top 10@10 -
1. Click in the box to select  Adam Lambert - GhostTown
2. At The Bottom click Vote


- - South Africa's First Live Chart Show To Be Driven By Downloads on iTunes Store*

* Hover over Adam's Original High Photo and you will see link to iTunes SA and option to Tweet! Click to Buy #iTunes and Tweet Song to Twitter!


Europa Plus -*

* Just Click on the Star to Vote. Also would nice to listen to "GhostTown." I don't know if they are counting plays.


Radio Galaxy (Germany)Radio Galaxy *                                          

* Click on the + to vote. Ghost Town is first on the list!! Vote Once a day


Asian Top 40  - *

* Repeated voting




Here is a link to Autoplay the "Ghost Town" Music Video (20 Times)!

Subscribe to Adam's YT channel -

Official Lyrics Video of GhostTown

Ghost Town Video Now at VH1 - View and keep viewing!!!


Adam Lambert's Official SoundCloud Account:



VEVO Adam Lambert Complete Video Playlist

Adam's AOL Sessions are now at VH1 and VEVO: VH1 -



You need to be a member of ADAM STORM to add comments!


Comment by Barbls on April 29, 2015 at 12:31am

I am truly mesmorized by the "Ghost Town" video!! The imagery is Amazing! I know I have tweeted this a lot, but truly find something new each time I view! Here is an Auto Repeat Playlist (20 times) of the video! - Will put it in the Hot List! Wonder when it is going to hit iTunes!!

Comment by Barbls on April 29, 2015 at 12:27am

RoRo, I voted after I saw your comment and now voted again and it let me. Will try to vote in an hour to get a handle on how many times per day you can vote at Europa Plus!

Everyone, Please try to vote every day at iHeart stations listed in the "Hot List" and if you find more to add, please let me know! Just Gifted another round of "Ghost Town" at iTunes. Now #58 at Pop! Wanting so much to see it go higher on the iTunes Charts!!

Comment by Roro Broda on April 28, 2015 at 9:07pm

Barbls, I tried to vote again and got a message which I assume was saying that I had already voted.

Comment by glamity58 on April 28, 2015 at 7:38pm

So all I have to do is click on the blue star next to his song?  There's no submit type button?  Obviously I can't read it but I did click the blue button. 

Comment by Barbls on April 28, 2015 at 7:16pm

Thanks Ro Added Europa Plus to the Hot List and Voted! Can you vote once a day?

Comment by Roro Broda on April 28, 2015 at 6:05pm

Barbs - got this via Carter.

Keep Adam/Ghost Town @ #1!
One click and star will turn BLUE

Comment by Barbls on April 25, 2015 at 9:00pm

RoRo, Great! If you see anything to add, let me know. To All! So much out there so when you see something to add to "Hot List, " Comment Where and Link! Thanks!! 

Comment by Roro Broda on April 25, 2015 at 5:45pm

Thanks so much for Ghost Town Request Links. Am transposing them over to adamdownunder for voting.

Comment by milkywayfairy on April 25, 2015 at 4:25pm

glamity, I'm following B104 and requesting, they're very supportive of Adam, I like them :) . I'm voting those mediabase forms too, easy to vote just once a day. Omg! so excited, it's all happening :)

Comment by glamity58 on April 25, 2015 at 11:30am

I'm on it.   Will request it everyday (I have it bookmarked).  I meant to suggest everyone to tweet #B104 and follow them so they will play Adam's song.  Probably a small station but I did it.  As I recall they like Adam. 

Comment by milkywayfairy on April 25, 2015 at 11:27am

Ghost Town is on Montreal's Virgin Radio mediabase online request form, please request once per day
Barb, I know, so many different info of what to do and what not to do. When TOH video comes out, I'm sure it will go back up on iTunes charts. 1st week US sales is still most important, want it debut at #1 and it will be on the record forever. I'll be buying in U.S.

Comment by Barbls on April 25, 2015 at 1:44am

Glamity would be great if you would pre-order The Original High at iTunes! Their chart is a heavy hitter in the music world and is the one that the media highlights. When its released, and if you buy more, just gift them. Gifting counts toward charting the same way buying it does. 

Comment by Barbls on April 25, 2015 at 1:37am

ERA 3 Hot List has officially Begun! This is what I have so far. Next week Ghost Town impacts radio so will continue to add to the list. If you see anything to list or that I do not have on the list, let me know. Next week is a big week. Praying the public loves GT! I love it so much! Can't understand anyone that doesn't!!!!. 

Comment by glamity58 on April 24, 2015 at 7:10pm

If you get a chance, please follow #B104 on twitter.  They are trying to get to 5,000 followers and they are close.  I assume they'll play GT before that and especially when they reach it.


I bought GT and the Original High on iTunes.  I will probably gift some songs and pre-order on Amazon and AO. 

Comment by Roro Broda on April 23, 2015 at 4:53pm

Barbls, thank you for the post below. At last a voice of reason. You are not alone in your thoughts and opinions. Many agree with you.
Onwards and upwards with GT.

Comment by Barbls on April 22, 2015 at 11:44pm

milkywayfairy, I am so mad about all this misinformation that has been put out by Shosh about Shazam and those putting out info not to pre-order The Original High at iTunes. Yes, if someone is buying just one copy, wait until it is released at iTunes for DL. For those buying more than one copy, PRE-ORDER AT iTunes! iTunes is a huge player and their charts are important during pre-order. TOH was #1 on Pop albums chart, now at #2. When TOH is released for DL gift as many as you can! You don't need to worry about the singles when you gift. Friends, family, get a gifting partner or partners. You can gift as many times as you want to one or more people. It all counts toward charting. As far as GhostTown Def buy and then gift like crazy at iTunes. In U.S. highest GT has hit was #13 and now dropped to #27 all because of this misinformation. We should have gotten it higher. Saw people today asking Shosh if it was ok if they bought the single and album at iTunes. OMG! What a screwup! As far as Shazam. I am Shazaming radio this week. They are playing and I am Shazaming! Monday when GT impacts radio and for special promotion, will Delete the Shazam app on my iPhone, and then redownload. When you delete Shazam, it deletes all your data so when you redownload and open you start new. This misinformation has got to stop. Yes Shosh is part of Adamm's Team, but she is getting her minions to put out info that they either don't understand nor question, or is just wrong.These directives are confusing fans and keeping them from supporting GT the way it should be supported. She deletes her directive tweets right after she tweets them out so could not see what she actually said, but I do know her mions are getting it wrong. Why these other people are putting out this crazy info about iTunes is driving me crazy. Why did they do that? Totally disgusted! End of Rant! So glad I have a place to do this without having people yell at me that how dare I say this.

Comment by glamity58 on April 22, 2015 at 11:28pm

I need to get an Associate's Degree in Music media to figure all this out.  Shoshanna said to buy the album on iTunes right now and you can still buy it later.  I think she wants to pump up numbers early.  I bought one copy of the single so I could listen to it at the gym, etc. (I didn't know there were three versions!).  I'll probably buy or gift from Amazon or AO still and I'll buy a couple copies when it comes out in June.  I figure I'll save up and spend a few bucks to support him.

Comment by milkywayfairy on April 22, 2015 at 10:43pm

This iTunes thingy is so confusing. What I'm doing is I bought all 3 versions of GT but holding off TOH album on iTunes, cos if I bought album, all forthcoming singles will not be counted since I already have them downloaded, that's I was told how it work, argh! IDK! I'm buying pre-order album on AO and amazons, and in stores when it comes out in.

Comment by glamity58 on April 21, 2015 at 9:24pm

So you bought the single and pre-ordered TOH on iTunes today? I'm planning on buying several copies of the single but hadn't decided to order it on iTunes. I guess I will, and then buy more copies when it comes out. I like the single, the concept, I just want more lyrics and much more singing.

Comment by Barbls on April 19, 2015 at 4:27am

Glamity, I have changed my mind and will be pre-ordering The Original High at iTunes. While in pre-order the album charts side by side with released albums and shows in parenthesis (pre-order). Also probably Warner Brothers will have a banner for TOH during pre-sale. I think this is really important that Adam's album is shown high on iTunes charts during pre-sale. When TOH is released for Downloads at iTunes I will then buy by gifting to friend, family and especially gifting partners. For fans buying only one album, they should wait until album is released for DL at iTunes.



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