HAC Radio Page






1.  Your LOCAL Radio station(s)

2.  ONLINE Radio stations you listen to occasionally

3.  Large NATIONAL stations

Z100 NY: 800-242-0100 | text 55100 (Txt Message: Request Trespassing)
Q102 Philly: 800-521-1021 | text 71021(Txt Message: Please Play Trespassing)
KTU NY: 800-245-1035 | text 31035 (Txt Message: Please Play Trespassing)
B104: 610-720-1041
DC HOT995: 1-877-995-4681 | 99338 (Txt Message: Please Play Trespassing)
KISS-FM LA: 800-520-1027 | text 41027 (Txt Message: Please Play Trespassing)
CHUM FM: 416-870-1045
Fox All Access: 877-268-6815


Most Effective Ways To Request Adam's Singles - In Order From Most Effective To Least Effective

1. Phone Call

   •Make sure you are listening to the station when you call - 

     Go to Home Page and Listen Live

   •Check the last 2 -3 songs that were played

   •Be friendly, polite, and tell them your name - Establish a

     friendship so they recognize your name when you call

2. Text

    If the Text number and required message isn't listed 

      below, call your local station(s) for that information

3. Tweet

    Only tweet once per hour - Stations may check your feed

      to make sure you are listening. If they see too many

      tweets to other stations, they will assume you are

      spamming, and not listening.

    Some stations announce that it's time to Tweet in your


4.  Facebook - This is quickly becoming a popular radio

     requesting method

5.  Mediabase Forms - Least Effective



Instructions For Completing Mediabase Forms

1. Everyone can request using Mediabase forms no matter where you live

2. Check box next to an Adam song

3. If Adam's Song Is Not Listed Type It In The Box At Bottom Of Page

4. All you need to enter is your first name

5. Fill out the confirmation code (captcha) and click Submit
Mediabase Request Forms can be submitted every 24 hours


SIRIUSXM Satellite Radio - Subscription Only

SiriusXM Hits 1  Home Page

•Request Line 1-877-694-4871


•Facebook  Sirius XM Hits 1

Vote For Your Favorite Song

•Online Request  Mediabase Form


Top20on20  Home Page

•Request Line 1-866-553-2020

•Online Request Vote For NCOE

•Twitter  @MorningMashUp

•Facebook  The Morning Mash Up

•Online Request  20 On 20 Mediabase Form



103.7Q (WQEN-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line Local 800-500-1037


•Facebook  103.7 The Q

•Online Request  WQEN-FM Mediabase Form


99.1 (WAHR-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line Local 256-534-9900

•Facebook Star99.fm

•Online Request WAHR-FM Mediabase Form



101.3 (KGOT-FM)  Home Page

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Twitter  @1013kgot

•Facebook  101.3 KGOT

•Online Request  KGOT-FM Mediabase Form




Mix 96.9 (KMXP-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (602) 260-0969


•Facebook  Mix 969

•Online Request  KMXP-FM Mediabase Form



My 92.9 (KMIY-FM)  Home Page

•Text 50352 Must Sign Up At http://www.my929.com/pages/textclub.html?_show

•Twitter  @my929tucson

•Facebook  My 92.9

•Online Request  KWMT-FM Mediabase Form 


Little Rock

98.5 (KURB-FM) Home Page

•Request Line Local 510-401-0200 

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Twitter  @B985radio

•Facebook  B98.5

•Online Request KURB-FM Mediabase Form




Kelly 95.3 (KLLY-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (661) 842-5559

•Twitter  @953KELLY

•Facebook  Kelly 95.3

•Online Request  KLLY-FM Mediabase Form



Alice 96.7 (KALZ-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (559) 247-2542

•Twitter  @alice967

•Facebook  Alice 96.7

•Online Request  KALZ-FM Mediabase Form


Y101 (KWYE-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (800) 345-9101

•Text 67664 - Text Y101 To Join

•Twitter  @Y101Fresno

•Facebook  Y101 Fresno

•Online Request  KWYE-FM Mediabase Form


Los Angeles

104.3MYfm (KBIG-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (866) 544-6936

•Twitter  @1043MYfm

•Facebook  104.3 MYfm

•Online Request  KBIG-FM Mediabase Form



92.9-FM (KOSO) Home Page

•Twitter  @b929

•Facebook  B92-NINE

•Online Request KOSO Mediabase Form



The Beach 101.7 (KCDU-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (888) 636-1017   

•Text 64636

•Online Request Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  KCDU-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  101.7 The Beach



B95.1 (KBBY-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (805) 656-9595

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Twitter  @B951

•Facebook  BoB951

•Online Request  KBBY-FM Mediabase Form


Palm Springs

Mix 100.5 (KPSI-FM)  Home Page

•Facebook  MIX 100.5

•Online Request  KPSI-FM Mediabase Form



NOW 100.5 (KZZO-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (916) 766-1005

•Text 21005

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Twitter  Now1005FM

•Facebook  Now 100.5

•Online Request  KPSI-FM Mediabase Form


107.9 The End (KDND-FM)  Home Page

•Text 73389

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Twitter  @1079theend

•Facebook  107.9 The End

•Online Request  KDND-FM Mediabase Form


San Diego

Star 94.1 (KMYI-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (858) 570-1941

•Twitter  @Star941FM

•Facebook  Star941

•Online Request  KMYI-FM Mediabase Form


San Francisco

Star 101.3 (KIOI-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (800) 800-1013

•Twitter  @Star1013

•Facebook  Star 101.3

•Online Request  KIOI-FM Mediabase Form

Alice 97.3 (KLLC-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (800) 400-3697

•Text 25423

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info


•Facebook  Alice@97.3

•Online Request  KLLC-FM Mediabase Form


San Jose

Mix 106.5 (KEZR-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (800) 499-1065


•Facebook  Mix 106.5

•Online Request  KEZR-FM Mediabase Form


Santa Rosa

Mix 104.9 (KMHX-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (707) 636-4649

•Online Request  DJ'S Contact Info


•Facebook  Mix 104.9

•Online Request  KMHX-FM Mediabase Form



Colorado Springs

My 99.9 (KVUU-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (719) 785-9999

•Twitter  @my999radio

•Facebook  My 99.9

•Online Request  KVUU-FM Mediabase Form



Alice 105.9 (KALC-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (303) 631- 2542

•Text 51059


•Facebook  Alice 105.9

•Online Request  KALC-FM Mediabase Form


Mix 100 (KIMN-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (303) 631-1649

•Twitter  @MIX100Denver

•Facebook  MIX 100 Denver

•Online Request  KIMN-FM Mediabase Form


Fort Collins

The Point 99.9 (KKPL-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line 1-888-666-1999


•Facebook  99.9 The Point

•Online Request  KKPL-FM Mediabase Form




98Q (WDAQ-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (203) 743-9898

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Twitter  @DANBURYS98Q

•Facebook  DANBURY'S 98Q

•Online Request  WDAQ-FM Mediabase Form



96.5 TIC FM (WTIC)  Home Page   

•Request Line (860) 247-9696

•Twitter  @965tic

•Facebook  96.5 TIC

•Online Request  WTIC-FM Mediabase Form


Lite 100.5 (WRCH-FM)  Home Page 

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Twitter @wrch 

•Facebook  Lite 100.5 WRCH

•Online Request  WRCH-FM Mediabase Form




93.7 (WSTW-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (800) 544-9370

•Text  56221

•Twitter  @937WSTW

•Facebook  93.7 WSTW

•Online Request  WSTW-FM Mediabase Form





94.7 Fresh (WIAD-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (877) 947-0947

•Twitter  @947FreshFM

•Facebook  94.7 Fresh FM

•Online Request  WIAD-FM Mediabase Form


Mix 107.3 (WRQX-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line 1-800- 727-1073

•Twitter  @Mix1073

•Facebook  MIX 107.3

•Online Request  WRQX-FM Mediabase Form



Fort Myers

96.9 WINK-FM  Home Page

•Request Line (239) 334-0969

•Text 330-969-WINK

•Twitter @969WINKFM

•Facebook  96-9 WINK FM

•Online Request  WINK-FM Mediabase Form


Fort Myers/Naples 

B1039.com (WXKB-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (239) 765-1039

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Facebook  B103.9

•Online Request  WXKB-FM Mediabase Form



106.9 (WKZY-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (352) 313-3106

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Twitter  @1069KZYFM

•Facebook  The Real 106.9 KZY 

•Online Request  WKZY-FM Mediabase Form



Mix 105.1 (WOMX-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (407) 919-1051 or 1-877-919-1051

•Twitter  @MIX1051

•Facebook  MIX 105.1

•Online Request  WOMX-FM Mediabase Form


Palm Beach

97.9 (WRMF-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line 1-877-979-9763

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Twitter  @979WRMF

•Facebook  97.9 WRMF

•Online Request  WRMF-FM Mediabase Form



Mix 100.7 (WMTX-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line 1-877- 342-5649

•Twitter @tampabaysmix

•Facebook  Mix 100.7

•Online Request  WMTX-FM Mediabase Form


Play 98.7 (WSJT-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (727) 577-9870

•Text 98190

•Online Request @play987

•Online Request  WSJT-FM Mediabase Form




STAR 94FM (WSTR)  Home Page

•Request Line (404) 741-9400

•Twitter @Star941Atlanta

•Facebook  Star 94 Atlanta

•Online Request  WSTR-FM Mediabase Form



Q107.3 (WCGQ-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (706) 322-1077 or 1-866-841-1077

•Online Request  WCGQ-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter @Q1073

•Facebook  Q107.3




Mix 106 (KCIX-FM)  Home Page 

•Text  77000

•Request Line (208) 376-5106

•Online Request  KCIX-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @Mix106

•Facebook  Mix 106 Radio



 101.9 The Mix (WTMX-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (312) 591-6800

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  WTMX-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @1019MIXChicago

•Facebook 101.9 THE MIX Chicago


93.9 Lite Fm (WLIT-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line 1-888-591-9548

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  WLIT-FM Mediabase Form 

•Twitter  @939litefm

•Facebook  93.9 Lite fm 


Quad Cities

Moline/Rock Island

STAR 93.5 (KQCS-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (563) 322-9352

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  KQCS-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  Star 93-5



Fort Wayne

•Magic 95.1 (WAJI-FM)  Home Page   

•Main Office (219) 423-3676 ask for studio/request line

•Online Request  WAJI-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  Majic 95.1 WAJI


97.3 (WMEE-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (260) 447-8633

•Online Request WMEE-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  Indy's Hit Music Station



i94 (WRWM-FM) Home Page

•Request Line (317) 377-0939

•Online Request  WRWM-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @i94IndyHits

•Facebook  Indy's Hit Music Station


99.5 (WZPL-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (317) 228-1099 or (877) 385-1099

•Online Request  WZPL-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter @wzpl

•Facebook  WZPL-FM Indianapolis



104.1 (WLBC-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line 765-289-9522

•text 49330; sign up at http://www.wlbc.com/wlbctextclub/

•Online Request WLBC-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter @wlbcstudio

•Facebook Facebook  


South Bend

U93 (WNDV-FM)  Home Page

•Online Request  WNDV-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @U93

•Facebook  U93




93.7 (KKRL-FM) Home Page 

•Request Line 712-792-4321

•Online Request KKRL-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  93.7 KKRL


Des Moines

Capital 106.3 (KPTL-FM)  Home Page   

•Main Office (515) 245-8900 ask for studio/request line

•Online Request  KPTL-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @capital1063

•Facebook  Capital 106.3


Star 102.5 (KSTZ-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (515) 312-1025

•Online Request  KSTZ-FM Mediabase Form



Quad Cities


Star 93.5 (KQCS-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (563) 322-9352

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  KQCS-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  Star 93-5 - KQCS




105.3 The Buzz (KFBZ-FM)  Home Page

•Online Request  KFBZ-FM Medaiabase Form

•Facebook  105.3 the buzz




106.3 (WCDA-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (859) 280-1063

•Online Request  WCDA-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  Your 106.3



102.3 The Max (WXMA-FM)  Home Page   

•Online Request  WXMA-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @LambertLindsey

•Facebook  102.3 The Max



New Orleans

Magic 101.9 (WLMG-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (504) 260-1019

•Online Request  WLMG-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  Magic 101.9


B97 (WEZB-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (504) 260-9797 or 888-340-9797

•Text 64956

•Online Request  WEZB-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @b97

•Facebook  B97



Mix 97.3 (KQHN-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (318) 320-0973 or 888-576-0973

•Online Request  KQHN-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  Mix Shreveport Bossier




Maine's Coast 93.1 (WMGX-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line   (207) 792-6278

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Online  WMGX-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @Coast931

•Facebook  Coast 93.1



Mix 106.5 (WWMX-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (410) 481-1065

•Online Request Radio Station Contact Info

•Online Request  WWMX-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @Mix1065FM

•Facebook  Mix 106.5




Mix 104.1 (WBMX-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (617) 931-1234

•Text 41041

•Online Request  WBMX-FM Mediabase Form



New Bedford

Fun 107 (WFHN-FM)  Home Page

•Online Request  DJ'S Contact Info

•Online Request  WFHN - FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  FUN 107



Mix 93.1 (WHYN-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (413) 293-9393 or 888-293-9310

•Online Request  WHYN-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @Mix_931

•Facebook  Mix 93.1


94.7 (WMAS-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (413) 731-9500 or 1-800-937-9627

•Online Request  WMAS-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  94.7 WMAS   



104.5 (WXLO-FM)  Home Page  

•Request Line (508) 373-1045

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Online Request  WXLO-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  104.5 XLO




96.3 (WDVD-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (313) 298-9630

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Online Request  WDVD-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @963WDVD

•Facebook 96.3 WDVD


Fresh 100.3 (WNIC-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (313) 298-1003

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Online Request  WNIC-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @Fresh100Detroit

•Facebook  Fresh 100.3


Grand Rapids

95.7 Best Mix (WLHT-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (616) 770-8957

•Online Request  WLHT-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @Channel957

•Facebook  Channel 957



Mix 106.3 (WGER-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (989) 754-1063

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Online Request  WGER-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  The New MIX 106.3




KS94.5 (KSTP-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (651) 989-5795

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  KSTP-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @ks95

•Facebook  KS9



Kansas City

95.7 The Vibe (KCHZ-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (913) 576-7957

•Text  Click To Register

•Online Request  KCHZ-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @957TheVibe

•Facebook  95-7 The Vibe


99.7 The Point (KZPT-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (913 Or 816) 576-7997

•Text 47183

•Online Request  KZPT-FM Mediabase Form

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Twitter  @997ThePoint

•Facebook  99.7 The Point


St. Louis

Y98 (KYKY-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (314) 969-9898

•Text 59898

•Online Request  KYKY-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook Y98. Your Music, Your Y98!



Omaha-Council Bluffs

Q98Five (KQKQ-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line 402-962-9898

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Online Request  KQKQ-FM Mediabase Form 

•Twitter  @q985

•Facebook  q985 



Las Vegas

Mix 94.1 (KMXB-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (702) 364-9400

•Text  MIX to 96750

•Online Request  KMXB-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  Mix 94.1



Concord/Lakes Region

98.3 LNH (WLNH-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (603) 524-3698 Or 877-611-9564

•Text 70236

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Online Request  WLNH-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @983LNH 

•Facebook  98.3 WLNH


Magic 104 98.1 FM (WVMJ-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (603) 356-8875

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info 

•Online Request  WVMJ-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  Magic 104



103.7 (WKNE-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (603) 355-1037 Or (800) 445-1037

•Online Request  WKNE-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  KNE FM



107.1 (WERZ-FM)  Home Page   

•Online Request  WERZ-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  107.1 WERZ



Atlantic City

SoJo 104.9 (WSJO-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line 1-800-586-1049

•Online Request  WSJO-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @sojo1049fm

•Facebook  SoJO 1049



94.3 The Point (WJLK-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (732) 988-7646

•Online Request WJLK-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @943thePoint

•Facebook  94.3 The Point



94.5PST (WPST-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (609) 243-9778 or 1-800-248-9778

•Text 44928

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  WPST-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @WPST

•Facebook  94.5 PST




100.3 The Peak (KPEK-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (338) 299-7325

•Text PEAK to 68255

•Online Request  KPEK-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @1003ThePeakABQ

•Facebook  100.3 THE PEAK Albuquerque NM




99.5 The River (WRVE-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line 1-800-995-9783

•Online Request  WRVE-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  99.5 The River



STAR 102.5 (WTSS-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (716) 644-1025

•Online Request  WTSS-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @mystar1025

•Facebook  Star 102.5


Capital District/Adirondacks

Kiss 102.3 (WKFF-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (518) 476-1023

•Online Request  WKFF-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @1023KissFM

•Facebook  102.3 Kiss FM


Long Island

KJOY 98.3 (WKJY-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (631) 955-9559

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  WKJY-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @KJOY_LongIsland

•Facebook  KJOY 98.3 FM


New York City

95.5 (WPLJ-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line 1-800-321-9755

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  WPLJ-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  95.5 WPLJ


100.7 (WHUD-FM) Home Page

•Text 74132

•Online Request Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request WHUD-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter @1007WHUD

•Facebook  100.7 WHUD


102.7 (WWFS-FM)  Home Page

•Text 21027 (Txt Message: Please Play Trespassing)

•Request Line 1-800-949-1027

•Online Request  WWFS-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @Fresh1027NY

•Facebook  The New Fresh 102.7


106.7 Lite Fm (WLTW-FM) Home Page

•Request Line 1-800-222-1067

•Online Request  WLTW FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @1067Litefm

•Facebook  106.7 Lite FM



100.5 The Drive (WDVI-FM)  Home Page

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  WDVI-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @1005THEDRIVE

•Facebook 100.5 The Drive


Tri Counties

Hudson Valley/Catskills/Conneticut

K104.7 (WSPK-FM)  Home Page

•Text 41045

•Online Request  Vote Top 9@9

•Online Request  WSPK-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  K104




Star 104.3 (WQNQ-FM)  Home Page

•Online Request  WQNQ Mediabase Form


•Facebook  Star 104.3



Q98 (WQSM-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (910) 864-0698

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  WQSM-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @Q98_fm

•Facebook  Wqsm Today's Best Variety



G105 (WDCG-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (919) 860-1051

•Text Join to 61503

•Online Request  WDCG-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  G105




98.1 (WKDD-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line 1-800-372-9533

•Online Request  Radio Station Request Form

•Online Request  WKDD-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @981WKDD

•Facebook  98.1 WKDD



Mix 94.1 (WHBC-FM) Home Page 

•Request Line (330) 450-9400

•Online Request  DJ'S Contact Info

•Online Request  WHBC-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @Mix941Canton

•Facebook  MIX 94.1



Q102 (WKRQ-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (513) 749-2320

•Online Request  DJ'S Contact Info

•Online Request  WKRQ-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  Q102 (WKRQ)


Kiss 107 (WKFS-FM)  Home Page

•Text 38828

•Request Line (513) 749-1071

•Online Request  WKFS-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @KISS107

•Facebook  Kiss107



Q 104 (WQAL-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (216) 578-0104

•Text 71041

•Online Request  WQAL-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @Q104Cleveland

•Facebook  Q104



Mix 107.9 (WVMX-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (614) 542-1079

•Online Request  WVMX-FM Mediabase Form


•Facebook  Mix 107.9



Mix 107.7 (WMMX-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (937) 457-1077

•Online Request  WMMX-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @mix1077

•Facebook  MIX 107.7



Mix 98.1 (WDFM-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (419) 782-4981

•Online Request  WDFM-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  Mix 98.1



Star 105.5 (WWWM-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (419) 240-1055

•Online Request  WWWM-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  Star 105.5



Mix 98.9 (WMXY-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line (330) 729-9699 or 1-800-801-9526

•Online Request  Radio Station Contact Info

•Online Request  WMXY-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @MixYoungstown

•Facebook  Mix 98.9



Oklahoma City

98.9 Kiss (KYIS-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line (405) 460-9899

•Online Request  KYIS-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @989KISSFM

•Facebook  98-9 KISS FM




105.1 The Buzz (KRSK-FM)  Home Page   

•Request Line 1-888-733-5105

•Online Request  KRSK-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @1051_The_Buzz


Live 95.5 (KBFF-FM)  Home Page 

•Text 95595

•Request Line 503-733-0955 Or 888-733-0955

•Online Request  DJ'S Contact Info

•Online Request  KBFF-FM Mediabase Form 

•Facebook  Live 95.5 




Wink 104 (WNNK-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (717) 234-9465 or 1-800-9465-104

•Online Request  WNNK-FM Mediabase Form

•Facebook  WINK 104



WINK 103 (WARM-FM)  Home Page

•Request Line 1-855-946-5103 

•Online Request  WARM-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @WINK_103

•Facebook  Warm Fm (Wink)



Mix 106.1 (WISX-FM)  Home Page 

•Request Line (215) 263-1061 or 1-877-565-9467

•Online Request  WISX-FM Mediabase Form

•Twitter  @MixPhiladelphia

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Comment by dylangirl on March 14, 2012 at 1:24pm

Well as @debbielynn said, Adam's not down with pink...but San Jose KEZR has just gone pink on us!!

I myself love pink........

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”    ― Audrey Hepburn    

Comment by debbielynn on March 12, 2012 at 8:30am

Yay dylangirl even though Adam doesn't like pink we love nothing more than seeing those pink stars

Comment by dylangirl on March 10, 2012 at 12:08pm

2 more Mediabase adds.... Oxnard California and District of Columbia

Comment by debbielynn on February 13, 2012 at 7:29pm

Yay Lori so happy for you thanks for sharing this great news...My local station 96.3 WDVD in Michigan has added BTIKM to their mediabase form today...I can't wait to hear it

Comment by Lori Sokol on February 10, 2012 at 9:53am

Doing some requesting. I am so excited. My local station Mix 100 in Denver added BTIKM,. I called yesterday and requested it and wouldn't you know they played it 5 minutes after I went into work!

I hope they play it again soon.

Comment by debbielynn on January 21, 2012 at 9:41am

3 more mediabase adds  Soon the OP will be filled with pink stars

Comment by debbielynn on January 19, 2012 at 12:22pm

Hey dylangirl forget going back to bed what you need is a little naughty...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbcFzOdYM9s

Comment by debbielynn on January 19, 2012 at 10:27am

Okay did a little detective work...The text code is spot on the request line was different...All the info is now in place...Once again thanks @dylangirl

Comment by dylangirl on January 19, 2012 at 10:09am

OK I need to go back to bed, but it's to late to do so.....deleted my last 2 posts.....I see you have Miami on the Top 40 already!!! duh!!! Need some rest ROFL!! Forgive me.....radio requesting can sometimes have ya seeing double or not seeing at all !!!

Comment by debbielynn on January 19, 2012 at 10:08am

Hi dylangirl thanks for the Info...We have Y100 in the Top 40 page though we don't have the request line or Text Code Thank-You so much for letting us know I'll check those numbers out and let you know

Comment by dylangirl on January 19, 2012 at 8:44am

Good Morning friends...I have not had much free time this week, but I have a little time now, so I will get as many radio rquests in today as possible.....have a great day all you great voters and requesters.

Comment by debbielynn on January 18, 2012 at 9:18am

After last nights performance on Leno & Thurs on Ellen BTIKM is going to blow up the airways...3 more mediabase adds

Comment by debbielynn on January 16, 2012 at 10:02am

One more mediabase add today....dylangirl I agree the more the merrier

Comment by dylangirl on January 14, 2012 at 11:53am

Waving to you too @Lori.

Hope Adam's public request for us to request BTIKM brings more fans in to the requesting mode .....we could rule the world of requests then!!! LOL

Just did a round       

Comment by debbielynn on January 12, 2012 at 8:31am

Hi Lori 4 more adds for today

Comment by Lori Sokol on January 10, 2012 at 9:59am

WOW! Love seeing all these adds. Waving hello to debbielynn and Dylangirl. Have a great day!

Comment by debbielynn on January 10, 2012 at 8:32am

6 more adds KALZ in California...WHYN in Massachusetts...WERZ in New Hampshire...WKDD in Ohio and KDMX & KHKZ in Texas

Comment by debbielynn on January 9, 2012 at 8:30am

5 more adds KGOT in Alaska...WDAQ in Connecticut...KMXB IN Nevada...WKRQ in Cincinnati...KSII in El Paso...Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by debbielynn on January 6, 2012 at 8:23am

WooHoo WWST in Tennessee...WVHT in Virginia...WJBQ in Portland Maine & WMMX in Ohio have now added BTIKM to their Mediabase...Can't wait to see it on every radio stations playlist

Comment by Lori Sokol on January 3, 2012 at 2:18pm

I agree Defiance Ohio Rocks!

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