To vote, to say you vote, or not to vote.....that is the question.

To vote, to say you vote or not to vote at all.... that is the question.

I have had a heavy heart all day today, it comes on the heels of not being able to fulfill what we had dreamed for Adam. We had dreams of trending AdamEqualtyAward and we had even bigger dreams of getting that beautiful DSA trophy into his hands and to see his beautiful smiling face beaming with pride at what he and his fans had accomplished. We were not able to do either. Please do not label me as a negative person, you can ask anyone I know and they will tell you ...a negative person I am not.

Is it negative of me to be a believer? To believe we could have done it,  that we could have stood up to the challenge and brought home the votes Adam needed to win that beautiful trophy?  Was it negative of me to believe we could have trended 3 simple words AdamEqualityAward, but we couldn't ?

I'm not about listening to all the reasons we "thought" we didn't or couldn't do either....sure Bieber has loads of fans, Gaga has monsters galore and some poor fans have been "voting their fingers off" ....well I guess enough fingers weren't wore off "coz we didn't do it. No negativity here from me, it's just that I'm not a person about excuses that's all. We couldn't do it, simply as that..... I make no excuses for us because I am a believer and I will never believe we couldn't have done this.

I will never believe, as some have said, "We did all we could".....apparently we didn't, because if we did Adam would have been up there full of pride receiving what was so rightfully his. I know he would have had so much gratitude in his heart for his fans who "did it" for him.

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."
Tommy Lasorda

Will we have enough determination when Adam's new album comes out? Or will we leave things to our fantasies and dreams and hope that if we just do that "tiny bit" everything will work out just fine for Adam. Personally I'm not willing to take that chance I love Adam to much. If in the end, when that time comes and we as a collective fan base won't do enough, then I will not make any excuses then either. Frankly there won't be any excuses for us....there are too many of us for that.

Adam has millions of fans ...there are no excuses for millions of fans who can be believers with determination. Are we believers with a determination so strong there is no stopping us?..... or are we about a million excuses?

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Comment by debbielynn on August 18, 2011 at 11:38am

You are so right @dylangirl in saying how much we all love Adam

Though love alone is not enough...We all need to once again join forces as a Team

Then through teamwork everything will be possible..."I Believe"


Comment by dylangirl on August 16, 2011 at 8:14am

Thank You @debbielynn and @barbls .....By what you have written you've both helped to center me a little on the subject. I know all of Adam's fans love him. I want us all to be believers in what we can do. I truly believe as a team we can do so much.

Comment by debbielynn on August 16, 2011 at 7:49am

@dylangirl every word you've written has love & tears weaved throughout them

Writing this was not easy for you to do

For once again you had to relive your hurt, disappointment and fears

You most certainly are not a negative person at all

"Believe" is such a powerful word, however it loses it's power without action

We can "Believe" all we want...What good does it do without stepping up to plate

Pulling out all the stops...Giving it our all, and at the end of the day knowing we did just that

The answer to that lies within each and every one of our hearts

We all know what we've done, what we continue to do, and what we will do

As we wait for Adam's new album my hope is everyone will do some soul searching

Ask themselves one main burning question "did I give my all"

Support & Promote Adam everywhere possible...Not just one area

I Believe with every breath in my body we can do this

I Believe Adam is worth the fight and this cross we bear for him is lightless

I Believe this silent whisper we have within us will turn into a scream

A scream for so many others to hear & want to join us in this cause

The cause of supporting & promoting Adam with every fiber of our being

Thank-You @dylangirl for this thought provoking subject

I Love You....debbielynn




Comment by Barbls on August 16, 2011 at 2:22am

Dylangirl, Bravo, Bravo. I so understand and feel the same way you do. I just do not know what will motivate people to be active and to participate. It amazed me that a lot of fans did not even know about the La Equality Awards or that Adam was getting an honoree award until after the event when they saw the pictures and videos. We tried so hard to trend, but without more fans believing it is important and wanting to participate, we are not going to succeed. Our number are now over a 1000 followers at @TrendingAdam, but I still do not know how many of these followers will trend next time. Though Adam lost the DSA Award, we really did good. He was not even nominated, but through our voting we got him a nomination. You are right in that if more of his millions of followers would have voted, he would have won, but followers are not passionate fans. It was the passionate fans that voted their hearts out. Maybe one day more of his followers will join us passionate fans and actively vote with us. At times I do get scared for Adam's single and Album because of the unknowns, but I am also confident that Adam's sophomore album is going to be great and know that a good majority of his million of followers, along with casual voters will buy. When the time comes for his single and album to be released I have such a positive feeling that all fans will join in to get the word out and and do everything they can to help get both his single and album to the top of the charts. I know every single member at Adam Storm will be doing all they can to make this happen and to keep Adam at the top of the charts. Stay positive with me. Adam has a lot of exciting events coming up and then the storm. Adam, his new management team and us his fans are going to make this happen. If it doesn't happen, I am moving to New Zealand. The only country that always trends everything Adam and had how many singles? Ha, Ha. We Can and We Will make this happen!!!



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