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31 Mar 2017 Our complete guide to beating Crota's End on the original normal and hard difficulties. Crota's End is Destiny's second Raid, introduced as part of the Dark Below expansion, which sees players venture into the Moon to take down the son of Oryx. There is a Deathsinger Challenge and 8 May 2017 Here’s your guide to conquering Destiny’s moon raid, Crota’s End. Destiny‘s first expansion, The Dark Below, introduced the game’s second six-player raid: Crota’s End. Much like the Vault of Glass that shipped with Destiny, Crota’s End is equal parts firefight 14 Dec 2014 A full guide to the Crota's End raid in The Dark Below. Learn all about the Gatekeepers, Ir Yut the Deathsinger, Crota, and more! 14 Feb 2015 In this guide, I will be tackling Crota's End, the raid introduced in The Dark Below expansion. The raid runs the group through the Hellmouth on31 Mar 2017 31 Mar 2017 5 Mar 2015 28 Mar 2017 Guide Edit. The Hellmouth Edit. The first thing the fireteam will encounter when spawning in is an isolated platform on the rim of the Hellmouth. There will be a 3 Nov 2016 Crota's End is the Raid featured in the Destiny expansion The Dark Below. Guardians must venture deep beneath the surface of the Moon to


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