Adam Lambert ringing in the New Year at

Adam Lambert Witch Hunt Tour
Through Vegas 1 October 26, 2022

Adam Lambert’s Witch Hunt Tour -
Hard Rock Live Wheatland, CA 10/20/2022

Adam Lambert Nine Inch Nails (Click to Open)

10/19;2022 Adam Lambert Witch Hunt Concert
Oakland, CA Paramont Theater


Adam Lambert at Harris Reed Fashion Show Singing
"Nessun Dorma," "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"
and "Who Wants To Live Forever"

Adam Lambert in Capri "Nessun Dorma/
Stand By Me/ STL/ DSMN/ BR/ September 10

Adam Lambert - Puccini's Nessun Dorma

Bologna, Italy 10/7/2022

Queen and Adam Lambert |

Opening Act Queen Jubilee 06/04/2022

Adam Lambert #WeSayGay St Augustine, Sunfest, Atlanta and Tampa Concerts

Adam Lambert Concert in Atlanta, final show of #WeSayGay Tour, May 6, 2022

Adam Lambert FULL CONCERT at #Sunfest, April 30, 2022

Adam Lambert at the St Augustine Amphitheater: St Augustine, Florida May 4, 2022

Adam Lambert concert #WeSayGay Tour, Key West Florida, April 28, 2022

Sam Sparro Tweets About Adam Lambert Collaboration/Update Adam In Studio With Nile Rodgers

Omg....The music Industries heavy hitters working with Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The icing on the cake is Nile Rodgers...Wow what a resume this guy has



This possible collaboration has left me speechless...It has now become a dream come true


Nigel's tweets from today

Jamming away at a new track http://tinyurl.com/3lx7uxz

Almost ready!  http://tinyurl.com/5tlb328

sounding sick! my friend here is killing it  http://tinyurl.com/5uffgeg 

Here's a live stream of pics from my session today at w



Adam Lambert on WhoSay


Squee!!!! Adam & Nigel  http://tinyurl.com/3g8fhqq


Adam Lambert's photo Working with the Legend @nilerodgers in NYC today!!
Debbielynn hope you do not mind me adding this short beautiful video of Nile and Adam in the Studio. Mute to protect song until the end. Then we get to hear Adam's joy and laughter that came with this collaboration:






Some Tweets That Need to Shine for all to See

From Nile Rodgers:

 by daniellemreiss
I really wouldn't say it if it weren't true-Working w Adam Lambert was one of the most organically perfect jams I've had since Bowie

Nile Rodgers
Hey Adam! Today was total madness- I could have played and hung with you ALL DAY! The record is gonna be great- Talk soon
Nile Rodgers
Yeah man I was just listening to the bit we did at the end-WOW! This is grooving SO DEEP!

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Link to site listing all the tweets from last night. It sounds so fantastic. I sure hope it happens!!  Link To Lambert Lust

Omg....The dream has come true....Nile Rodgers in studio with Adam!!!!!


I even got a tweet from @nilerodgers. He is so nice!!

Link To Picture Nile's Tweeted

Barbls he is so down to earth, just like our Adam...How cool that he answered you back...Btw love what you did with the video & pics I can't wait to hear what the song will sound like

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