****A Way To Make a Bigger Impact Streaming Adam Lambert Official Videos in You Tube and VH1, as well as When Adam does a Performance such as on GMA, etc. Listed below is how to download and setup an Auto Reload Extension in Google. You can also do the same in Firefox. Priority is to Concentrate on the Ghost Town Music Video. Other Fandoms are doing the same to enhance their ability to rack up view at a quicker speed. We are late to the game, but quickly catching on and this is definitely making a difference both at You Tube and VH1****

1. DOWNLOAD Easy Auto Refresh extension for CHROME browser. (If you don’t already have Adblock Plus for Chrome, download it, too.)

2. OPEN “Ghost Town” official video on YouTube and TURN OFF AUTO PLAY BUTTON TO RIGHT OF SCREEN; it will turn gray (see below arrow)

3. While video is playing, look for the gray reload circle to the extreme right of your browser; CLICK ON GRAY CIRCLE ARROW for Easy Auto Refresh box to appear that enables you to set new interval time (from the 10 seconds it is automatically at; see below arrows).

4. SET TIME FOR 40 OR 45 SECONDS for video to run/refresh and CLICK GREEN START BUTTON. (See below arrows.) *** IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you set it at 40 seconds, it may periodically cut the video refresh time down by nearly 10 seconds off of that, that’s why we go no lower than 40-45 seconds to make sure it counts! ***