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The Following Is A List Of Organizations That Welcome CD Donations

Project! @1n10

Linda Elliott, Executive Director
Suite 2011
2700 N. 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ  85004
Tel No.: 602-400-2601

Supports gay youth/gift Trespassing CDs; they're on @adamlambert bandwagon! 1n10 would be thrilled if we could gift Trespassing CD's for the youth. I volunteer with 1n10 and they are phenomenal. Please enclose a note to the kids such as "it gets better because we support and appreciate you!" Send Trespassing CDs to:


Discs For Dogs

Only 2 of the same CD Accepted! No matter what’s on the disc, it’s sold for a dollar or less from a “Used and Abused” bin in a western New York CD store. The pet-friendly philanthropists will reimburse donors for shipping costs for all CD contributions, then pass all proceeds on to the local chapter of the ASPCA.  

Phone: 716-447-9786



Housing Works 

If you’ve already burned your entire music collection onto an MP3 player the size of a thumbtack, clear your shelves by handing off the used CDs (but no cassettes, ’80s children) to one of NYC's prominent charity stores. It funds HIV/AIDS assistance programs with the proceeds from its 50 boutiques and program spots throughout the five boroughs.

126 Crosby St between E Houston and Prince Sts

Phone: 212-334-3324

See a list of drop off locations in the NYC area - Website





IMPORTANT TO NOTE  Gifting mp3 downloads to Charities is not an option. Hard copies of Adam's CDs can be donated to charities from Amazon or Adam Official.


  • Open an iTunes Account - You may have more than one iTunes account per computer. Each account needs a different email address. You may use the same credit card.

  • Definition of Sale? Sale = Any Download That Is Charged To Your Credit Card or Pay Pal.

  • In the USA, to count as a sale, you can only download a single once per iTunes account. If you try to download again, you will receive a message that you have already downloaded that song. They are happy to download that song for you again for Free, but guess what? Free does not = sale!!! So, what to do? You want to download songs and iTunes won't let you! Dang!

  • Gifting! Yes, now you start Gifting to folks who....

           * Have an iTunes account in the same country you live in.
           * Are aware that they are receiving a download from you, and will
              download the Gift within a day or two.

  • How many times can you Gift? As many times as possible, to as many people as possible....Consult your bank account and budget!

  • To Gift, go to iTunes and find Adam's singles. Right next to "Buy" is a downward arrow. This is a drop-down menu. Pull the menu down and click on Gift. Follow iTunes directions from there.

  • If you can't afford to purchase a download, there are many who are more than happy to Gift you a copy. You will need to have an email address and an iTunes account.

  • You may want to have Gifting partners from friends in the real world or from Twitter. Gifting Buddies!

The above information applies to the USA. Each country has it's own rules! Some countries may still allow you to download endlessly from your own computer. Experiment!

You can also leave questions and comments at the Bottom of this page.


Happy Buying, Gifting, and Receiving!



                                GIFTING MP3's FROM AO

There is a way to gift music from AO. This works better and it is easier than iTunes because you can donate to anyone around the world whereas with iTunes you can only gift within your own country.

Purchase the song/CD as normal. Stop when you get to the point where there is a gray button that says download. Look up to the address in your browser and copy and paste into an email. Email link anywhere in the world. Link is valid until someone hits that gray download button.

Tip: I have found with AO MP3 downloads it works best to click on the manual download link rather than the gray download button. The manual download link is on the same page as the gray download button. It is buried in the text of instructions. You probably won't even know it's a link until you hover your cursor over the text.

This method has worked well for me. I have done this numerous times. Contact me if you wish to experiment before you try it. Also, there is no way for the person receiving the gift to see your contact or billing information.


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Comment by RadarEcho on December 16, 2011 at 11:02pm

why won't the free mp3 count toward sales on Tues when they give it to you "early" as part of your album purchase?  I wonder???  Wouldn't they count it now for the single?

Comment by on December 16, 2011 at 10:10pm

anything new? been doing some searching but have come up with nothing more than you have by trial and error. also wondering: if the mp3 is going to be given away free, uh, what does that mean about all the sales that will not accrue bec sony is offering it with the cd-preorder? it's not possible they would want to sacrifice the single -- wh is going to be so imp't to the album, wh will not be here for months -- for more pre-sale cd's, is it? just want to say i really miss u guys at AO. numbers r way up, site is a mess -- and when tues comes, if it crashes bec they haven't even got it running correctly/normally now -- well, that'll just be par for the course ;)

Comment by RadarEcho on December 16, 2011 at 3:04pm

Thanks Oshi - I sent LindaJean my info.  But she seems to be away?  Now that we can preorder from AO on Tues - I wonder how to gift that to other fans? Will need more info than just their email....  is LindaJean coordinating that?

Comment by milkywayfairy on December 14, 2011 at 12:26pm

debbielynn, my Purchase History for the two FYE shows 6:30pm last night, that's when I bought it, looks like it doesn't matter if the gifts are redeemed or not, that actually make sense.

Comment by debbielynn on December 14, 2011 at 12:20pm

Okay forget my last post...I was checking the wrong account @milkywayfairy I see the 2 I gifted you and I have been charged...Think I'd better go grab another cup of coffee

Comment by milkywayfairy on December 14, 2011 at 12:09pm

debbielynn, I just checked my iTunes Purchase History, the 2 purchases I made were there. It also listed the 2 you gave me with $0 charge. Wonder why it's not showing in your account.

Comment by debbielynn on December 14, 2011 at 9:44am

I was able to download both FYE'S milkywayfairy sent me...Now comes my dilemma...I just checked my ITunes account and I have not been charged as of yet for the 2 FYE'S I gifted to milkywayfairy...In order for the sale number to count I believe we have to be charged In the process I purchased GNL using a different e-mail than when I originally purchased it in March and it has already been charged to my account

Comment by on December 14, 2011 at 3:36am

barbls -- i'm in -- but my computer and phone are still screwed up bec of the cloud. clocked my 23rd hour at the genius bar tonight in 10 days -- after getting the iphone last friday night.  then when i got home, i tried to download a new version of itunes they were offering and my computer would not accept my name or password. so what i want to do is set up a new email account on a different computer and link it to a different credit card. if you have an ipad or download lion or get a new iphone you are definitely on the cloud unless you turn it off before you sync anything. it's been a nightmare for me bec other family members shared my itunes acc't -- wh was my apple id. .. etc etc... what a f**king mess 

absolutely if this is really true (still having a hard time understanding why itunes would take multiples of the same thing to the same account bec it's a gift, but ok!) it's a great idea to find a place to link fans. as i said, i will selectively gift every friend i know who will know what to do, or i will inform them before sending. many wind up in spam, esp for people who don't use itunes. -- but us fans can gift to our heart's content to each other :)

Comment by Barbls on December 14, 2011 at 1:08am

Hi Carly, Oshi and I tested it today. I gifted her the same song 3 times and she had already downloaded that song the day before. She gifted the same song to me twice.

I am not using the iTunes Cloud. I think they track your downloads by your account. I was able to download the same song twice by first downloading to one account (e-mail address and credit car) and  then changing to another account (different e-mail address and credit card) and downloading a second time on the same computer. This is another way of buying multiples. Setup multiple accounts on the same computer with different e-mail addresses and different credit cards!!

These are both options, but I think gifting is the best. Going to test Amazon for multiple gifting to the same person tomorrow. I believe it will allow for multiple gifting of same song to the same person. Probably will be better as you will be able to download and save and then open in a variety of programs like RealPlayer and Windows Media Player.

Carly if you want I can add you to my gifting list. You can give me any e-mail address (google or other) and you can add me to yours. message me if you want to and I will send you my e-mail address!

Maybe we should have a Fan match up gifting option listed on the Sales and Gifting pages for Adam Storm Members. Members  can message people on their friends list to see how many are up for exchanging e-mails for gifting!! It's private and they can either give their default e-mail address or setup a new e-mail account at Google, Yahoo, etc. for the gifting. Just throwing this out there!!

Comment by on December 14, 2011 at 12:33am

the reason multiple sales to the same computer don't count but once is that everything in itunes is saved in the music folder and cannot be deleted from there (with the cloud, there may be a few music folders, but there is a central file from which you cannot delete). i find it incredible that you can gift to the same account over and over and have it count as multiple sales! if that's true, we'd have to do it with each other i think -- bec "friends" might not be up for this ;) are u sure guys?

also, what about if you gift to the same person, who is using only one computer, but has multiple email addresses attached to multiple itunes account, each with a different credit card? (and  what if it's all the same credit card -- as multiple itunes accounts can't be difficult to set up, but many may not have multiple cards?) this gets so crazy: and how many multiples are acceptable? and can you buy these for yourself, over and over, with different accounts (as we discussed last night)?

sorry to be getting so nit-picky but i'm not exactly clear on all the parameters u covered in your tests!

Comment by RadarEcho on December 13, 2011 at 8:59pm

Great work!  Also, how are we matching donors to fans who can't afford it?  

Comment by milkywayfairy on December 13, 2011 at 7:10pm

debbielynn did a Canada ITunes test, she gave me two FYE and yay! I was able to redeem both. That will work unless there's a limit for gifting to the same email address. I just sent her two to make sure, let see if she can redeem both. I tried buying it and same thing, it said I already bought it and asked if I want it for free. NOOOO!! I don't want it for free, not Adam's songs, LOL. It was definitely not like that last time, who at iTunes came up with this idea? 

Comment by Linda on December 13, 2011 at 1:52pm

What if you purchased from a different site? First amazon, then iTunes? deleting in between of course.

Comment by debbielynn on December 13, 2011 at 1:40pm

Hi Linda just did a test by deleting a purchased song...Went back to ITunes to re purchase and it is telling me that I've already purchased it would I like to download it for free...The same thing happened for @Oshi as well

Comment by Linda on December 13, 2011 at 1:12pm

So would I be able to buy the song from AO, delete it, buy it from amazon, delete it, then buy it from iTunes and any other outlets, all from the same computer/account?

Comment by Barbls on December 13, 2011 at 1:32am

Hi Carly, Since I just tested this I can answer. Yes, it means they are different iTunes accounts. Every time you purchase under an account the song/sale gets added to that account. if you switch to another account (different e-mail and credit card) that purchase goes under that account. What is great is that you can do it on the same computer. I don't know how many accounts you can create on one computer.

I never heard of a presale for a single!!

Hopefully, Adam's single will be on iTunes in the top 10 for a long time!!

Next have to see if gifting at Amazon this way will work!!

Comment by Barbls on December 13, 2011 at 1:20am

Oshi, I was always told that a gift sent is not counted as a sale until the recipient of the gift downloads the music. i think that is when your credit card is charged.  I am going to gift you 3 of the same songs tomorrow. Something you already have downloaded and see if it works. Is this ok with you? By the way i skyped you earlier and now know why you did not pickup!!

Comment by on December 13, 2011 at 1:14am

oshi -- too much excitement :)

B assume the diff emails with diff credit cards means they are diff itunes accounts, correct? each account has the name of the email? if that works, might keep a lot of us very busy buying!

still my Q (well 2 now): first, won't this just be on itunes for some period of time? second, is there ever pre-sale of a single?

Comment by Barbls on December 13, 2011 at 12:52am

OK Tested this. on one computer I have 2 different accounts (different e-mails and different credit cards) and was able to download same song twice. First time using one account and then changing my account to the other setup and going back and downloading the second.

The next test will be gifting to someone. i am going gift someone 3 times with the same song and see if they can download 3 times. the added test is that they will have already downloaded the song. If this works we can do groups of 3 and end up downloading the single 10 times. Will let you know tomorrow whether it works or not!!

Comment by on December 13, 2011 at 12:26am

i would be really surprised if multiple emails does the trick. let's say as an adam fan i have the usual 5 or 10 or more emails for voting and general noise making about his fabulousness. i still have only one itunes library. it will know if it already has the song -- gift or not gift. if 5 of you send me 5 more copies of what i already have bought for myself, but to different emails, i think that's a no go in terms of the charting we are looking for at the getgo. --  possible the software is not sophisticated enough to read this way, but unlikely IMO. worth testing, of course. hmm OTOH, if each of those emails had ITS OWN itunes account to download to/associated with it -- that might stand a chance  -- even using the same computer. different computers with diff IP addresses and the same itunes acc't? well in the past, tho i have bought regardless of what it told me, i have downloaded the song on 5 computers, but each time sent the message that i already owned it. yes, need to try new itunes accounts possibly -- whataya think?

fans gifting fans who they know want the music but can't buy it for whatever reason is always going to be a great methodology on all levels. gifting everyone you know that you can be assured will download it -- also very solid. perhaps we should let friends know in advance, once we know when the song will be available, so they will make sure to open the sent mail. i've had friends who had no idea that music was being offered when they received music as an itunes gift. for some, it became spam (that was 2 years ago, i hope things have changed). 

i'm sure you guys are way ahead of me, as you've prob been thinking about this for awhile. i'm still stuck on wiki :( would much rather revert to inquiring about this kind of thing on the journey forward!

i asked this before but haven't we been told that it is going exclusively to itunes first? if so, question is for how long.

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