These past couple of weeks I've been doing some serious soul searching  

Once again I find myself doing what I seem to always do

I look to Adam and his music for my inspiration 

In this search I've been guided to his St Agathe concert  

This is where my dream became a reality for I finally was able to see him live in the flesh   

I believe this is where Adam was closing the chapter on an Era in his career 

Making way for his new Era to begin 

Standing on stage with him was his band...Some of whom were with him from the beginning

Some whom may not be moving forward with him into the future and some whom will

Standing in front of him his adoring loving fans

All whom have been with him on this amazing Journey

All of whom will be moving forward with him into the future

Sitting at the back behind his loving adoring fans...His present love, confidant & best friend

The moment I laid eyes on Adam I saw his beauty brighter than ever before

Standing before me was a stronger, happier, confident, self assured  Adam

In my heart I believe he had come full circle and was ready to close that chapter in his career


As soon as Adam started singing Outlaws Of Love I believe that was the beginning 

The beginning of this amazing exciting new Era which he's about to embark upon

The fact that Sauli was sitting in the back makes it that much more sweeter

A song we all know he inspired Adam to write...A song which is so hauntingly beautiful

A song which shows that love can & will overcome all obstacles

Just as Adam sings "Scars make us who we are"

I also believe every laugh line on our face makes us who we are today

Adam has seen much in this short span of time...He will also see much more

The difference is he's more aware of the Ins & outs of the music industry


With whole lotta love came our revival...A cleansing

Adam looked up to the heavens with outstretched arms taking in every drop of rain

He then removed his vest tossing it aside

It's as if he was saying to us all...The time has come to let go of this Era

An Era that was filled with love, happiness, laughter and even some tears 

With all of those beautiful memories behind us let's look back with smiles having no regrets

Let's look to the future filled with hopes and dreams

Dear sweet Adam....Let the rebirth begin






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