Adam Lambert ringing in the New Year at

Adam Lambert Witch Hunt Tour
Through Vegas 1 October 26, 2022

Adam Lambert’s Witch Hunt Tour -
Hard Rock Live Wheatland, CA 10/20/2022

Adam Lambert Nine Inch Nails (Click to Open)

10/19;2022 Adam Lambert Witch Hunt Concert
Oakland, CA Paramont Theater


Adam Lambert at Harris Reed Fashion Show Singing
"Nessun Dorma," "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"
and "Who Wants To Live Forever"

Adam Lambert in Capri "Nessun Dorma/
Stand By Me/ STL/ DSMN/ BR/ September 10

Adam Lambert - Puccini's Nessun Dorma

Bologna, Italy 10/7/2022

Queen and Adam Lambert |

Opening Act Queen Jubilee 06/04/2022

Adam Lambert #WeSayGay St Augustine, Sunfest, Atlanta and Tampa Concerts

Adam Lambert Concert in Atlanta, final show of #WeSayGay Tour, May 6, 2022

Adam Lambert FULL CONCERT at #Sunfest, April 30, 2022

Adam Lambert at the St Augustine Amphitheater: St Augustine, Florida May 4, 2022

Adam Lambert concert #WeSayGay Tour, Key West Florida, April 28, 2022

This first paragraph is the way I ended my previous blog
St Agathe is where I believe Adam was closing a chapter
With whole lotta love came our revival...A cleansing
Adam looked up to the heavens with outstretched arms taking in every drop of rain
He then removed his vest tossing it aside
It's as if he was saying to us all...The time has come to let go of this Era
An Era that was filled with love, happiness, laughter and even some tears
With all of those beautiful memories behind us
Let's look back with smiles having no regrets
Let's look to the future filled with hopes and dreams
Dear sweet Adam....Let the rebirth begin

Fast forward to the EMA'S where Adam graced the stage with Queen
Adam owned it that night while keeping it real
Not only did Adam do Freddie, Brian & Roger proud
He paid the ultimate tribute to Freddie whom I'm sure was smiling down upon him
He sang the string of melodies like no other artist could

The time has now arrived for Adam's new beginning
Better Than I Know Myself will soon be heard all over the airways
A song in which Adam once again gives us a glimpse into his heart

Trespassing is Adam's labor of love...His gift to us all
A gift in which he poured his Heart & Soul along with keeping it personal
With Trespassing I believe we are going to see a whole new side of Adam
A side in which we will see how much he has grown & blossomed these past 3 years
Adam has opened the door into his life for us all
This is one door in which we will all walk through & embrace all Adam is offering
If BTIKM and Outlaws Of Love are any indication in the direction of Trespassing
I am certain this album is going to be beyond our wildest dreams

These past 3 years Adam has gotten his feet wet & he's found his place
At the same time he never lost sight of the direction he wants to go in
He has his feet firmly planted exactly where he wants to be

I'm so happy for Adam as this new beginning has begun
Watching him talk about Trespassing
Seeing the Joy & pride on his face... Hearing the excitement in his voice
My hope is that he will enjoy & soak in every second
Leading up to the release of Trespassing

I'm sure Adam has some butterflies which is normal
This is where we come in his loving,adoring fans
Walking beside him every step of the way
Giving him our love & support
Cheering him on as he soars to the top of the charts
Seeing him get the recognition & respect he deserves from his peers

Yes indeed the best is yet to come

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Comment by Melody Glambert on April 4, 2012 at 2:26pm

I think "outlaws of love" is very nice and inspiring:x



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