Adam Lambert ringing in the New Year at

Adam Lambert Witch Hunt Tour
Through Vegas 1 October 26, 2022

Adam Lambert’s Witch Hunt Tour -
Hard Rock Live Wheatland, CA 10/20/2022

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10/19;2022 Adam Lambert Witch Hunt Concert
Oakland, CA Paramont Theater


Adam Lambert at Harris Reed Fashion Show Singing
"Nessun Dorma," "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"
and "Who Wants To Live Forever"

Adam Lambert in Capri "Nessun Dorma/
Stand By Me/ STL/ DSMN/ BR/ September 10

Adam Lambert - Puccini's Nessun Dorma

Bologna, Italy 10/7/2022

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Opening Act Queen Jubilee 06/04/2022

Adam Lambert #WeSayGay St Augustine, Sunfest, Atlanta and Tampa Concerts

Adam Lambert Concert in Atlanta, final show of #WeSayGay Tour, May 6, 2022

Adam Lambert FULL CONCERT at #Sunfest, April 30, 2022

Adam Lambert at the St Augustine Amphitheater: St Augustine, Florida May 4, 2022

Adam Lambert concert #WeSayGay Tour, Key West Florida, April 28, 2022

As I read different articles

Along with many heated discussions

Regarding Adams sophomore album

I find myself pondering this one thought

How is Adam feeling right now


I'm sure he is just as excited as we are

Yet at the same time he must be feeling some sort of anxiety

Along with many butterflies swirling around in his stomach

My hope for Adam is he will enjoy every moment leading up to his albums release

May all of his hard work & sweat poured into this labor of love

Be received by everyone with arms and hearts wide open

Adam may you realize this is where you're meant to be

It has been an uphill climb for you dear Adam

No matter how high that climb...It is one you've conquered

And you've done it your way...Staying true to yourself

Holding your head high...While keeping your eye on the prize


Once the day arrives for his albums debut may he feel that joyous victory

And may we his loving adoring fans

Along with all of the critics who will review his album

Be standing along the sidelines cheering him onto that victory

Adam may your eyes be focused on the present & future

If you feel you must look back

May it be to see how much you are adored appreciated  and loved


Adam this journey is just the beginning for you

You are destined for greatness

May your light shine ever so brightly

Reaching out beyond the heavens

Being that beacon of hope and joy for all


Adam I hope you realize just how much you are loved & adored

May us your fans make you proud

Thank-You dear sweet Adam for the joy you bring to us all







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Comment by dylangirl on August 11, 2011 at 9:53pm

Something to think about @debbielynn, although at times I hate to think about it because I never want to think Adam has any doubts about his future....but he is human after all......and the anxiety you speak of has to touch him.

I too hope he enjoys all the moments leading up to the release of his new album......remember how hard he worked last album to promote it and knowing Adam he'll work just as hard .....BUT let's hope this time all the powers that be will help promote his album. In addition that's all the more reason that ALL HIS FANS have to pitch in!!...so our BB doesn't have to work as hard.

"Once the day arrives for his albums debut may he feel that joyous victory
And may we his loving adoring fans
Along with all of the critics who will review his album
Be standing along the sidelines cheering him onto that victory"


Beautiful @debbielynn .....just what we desire.



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